AWS 업데이트 읽어주기 20년-5월

Aug 20, 2020   |   AWS


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■ 새로운 서비스 및 Region Expansion

※ Amazon Aurora Multi-Master expands availability to 8 AWS Regions​

※​ Amazon Kendra is now generally available


※​ Announcing major enhancements to Amazon Macie, an 80%+ price reduction, and global region expansion


※ ​Introducing AWS Elemental Media Event Management


■ 새로운 단위 기능 및 업데이트

※​ Announcing Route Analyzer in AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager


※​ Data Lifecycle Manager adds support for scheduling based on cron expressions


※​ Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights now allows you to save queries


※​ AWS Trusted Advisor adds 5 Cost Optimization checks